Disney has finally cast its leads in the upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed live-action Aladdin remake. Will Smith will be stepping into Robin Williams' shoes as the Genie, Mena Massoud has bagged the much-coveted titular role and the character of Jasmine will be played by Naomi Scott.

Naomi Scott may not be a big name yet, but she is soon to be thrust into superstardom. While Disney has not teased much information about the reboot or yet announced a release date, we wanted to brush up our knowledge of the actress who is bringing to life one of our childhood heroes. So, here’s everything you need to know about Naomi Scott aka Princess Jasmine.

What Is Naomi Scott’s Age?

Naomi Grace Scott is an actress and singer who was born May 6, 1993, meaning she is 24-years-old. She was born in London to Usha Scott, who is from Uganda and is of Gujarati Indian descent, and Christopher Scott, who is British. Both of her parents are pastors at the Bridge Church in Woodford, Redbridge. It was her involvement in the youth band at Bridge Church that got her discovered by British pop singer Kelle Bryan.

Speaking to Huffington Post about her foray into the music industry, Scott said: "I grew up singing in church actually. That's kind of where I just the usual, I grew up on gospel music. I was singing from a young age.

"I remember that I chose 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt so that was my first kind of performance. I think from there, I felt like it was something I actually really enjoyed and wanted to do."

Her first EP, which was released in 2014, is called Invisible Division, and her second, Promises, was released earlier this year. You can check her out at http://naomiscottmusic.com/.

We know that Naomi can sing, so we are holding out for a rendition of ‘A Whole New World’ – the song that, along with the film score, won the 1992 Disney film Academy Awards.

What TV Shows And Movies Has Naomi Scott Been In?

Naomi Scott is perhaps best known for playing the Pink Ranger Kimberly in the Power Rangers movie which came out earlier this year. She also had a short stint as Maddy Shannon in the science fiction TV series Terra Nova (2011), produced by Steven Spielberg.

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Although a new face in Hollywood, starring as Jasmine will not be the first time Naomi has worked with Disney. In 2011 she played Mohini ‘Mo’ Bangaree in the Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth (2011). She also played Megan in British Disney Channel Series Life Bites (2009). Her other film credits include starring in the film The 33 (2015) – the biographical drama about miners who get trapped underground – as well as in a number of shorts including Modern/Love (2012), Our Lady of Lourdes (2013) and Hello Again (2014), before her big break in Power Rangers (2017).

What is Naomi Scott’s Instagram?

You can follow Naomi on her Instagram handle @naomigscott.

Who is Naomi Scott’s Husband?

Naomi Scott is married to English soccer player Jordan Spence, who plays for Ipswich Town. The pair married in 2014 after four years of dating.

She often takes to Instagram to celebrate her husband. She captioned this post: 'Happy Birthday @jordanjspence my BFF. You're also really hot, really clever and smell nice….basically all the things I look for in a husband.'

Aladdin will be the latest installment in Disney’s line of live-action adaptations, following Beauty and the Beast (2017) and the upcoming Lion King remake. Disney have reportedly not yet found an actor to star against Massoud and Scott as the evil villain Jafar.

This post was written by Ellie Wiseman. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.

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