It’s official: Hunter Hayes has confirmed he and his longtime girlfriend, Libby Barnes, have split. Fans took note of the once upon a time super affectionate on social media couple going rather radio silent about each other, and now we know why. Hunter has been hard at work on new music and it looks like we’re going to hear all about dealing with this heartbreak on his upcoming album.

“I had a lot to go through and you hear it on the album, you hear every step of it. The good, the bad, the denial, all of the processes. And honestly, too, the after too, the moving on, the starting over,” he told People.

Hunter and Libby had been dating since 2014 and while it’s unclear when the country singer and his former leading lady called it quits, we’re assuming it was sometime this year. Back in 2017, Hunter released a super romantic song inspired by Libby called “Amen” but in his new music like one of his latest jams “Dear God,” it’s easy to hear the difference in emotion and how Hunter is in a much difference place now. But don’t worry, he might be single again, but that doesn’t mean he’s wallowing in his heartbreak. He went on to explain he knows the right girl is out there for him and he’ll find her eventually. Plus, any dating experience just ends up resulting in some amazing songwriting material

“I’m pathetically always looking for my life partner, there’s no question,” he said. “It’s a bit overly romantic I think, [but] I am. I do love that partnership and team effort and a lot of creativity has been born from those experiences.”

Always a silver lining after dealing with the heartbreak, right?

Want to relive some of Hunter and Libby’s cutest moments? Check out the gallery below.

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