New music Friday is always a treat and today, Hunter Hayes dropped his new track “Dear God.” If you’re a fan of the country cutie, then you already know the song is filled with deep lyrics that just get you right in the feels. He’s the master of making tunes with melodies that get stuck in your head and lyrics that seem like they’re speaking directly to your soul. “Dear God” is another jam just like that where Hunter is doing some intense self-reflecting, but it also might’ve just confirmed that he’s no longer in a relationship.

Hunter had been dating makeup artist/hair stylist Libby Barnes since 2014 and they often attended red carpets and events together and treated us to the occasional super cute Instagram post about each other. 

hunter hayes libby barnes breakup

They were a more low-key couple, but Hunter had been vocal about the fact that he was in love with Libby and even wrote his song “Amen” about their relationship. Now though, looking at the “Dear God” lyrics, it seems like he might’ve gone through a heartbreak. In the chorus he sings, 

“And why does my life have to hurt so much?
 Why can’t I find any piece of love?
 And why do I feel like I’m not enough?
 Dear God, are you sure that you don’t mess up?”

And in another verse, he sings,

“You made me love so hard
  When everything I love just leaves
  Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with me?”

So while the song is about Hunter talking to a higher power, questioning himself and why he is the way he is, he’s also calling out the fact that he’s no longer with the person he loved. He feels like he might just not be good enough for someone and since he loves deeply, dealing with the loss of a relationship is especially hard for him. Neither Hunter or Libby has said one way or the other if they’re still together, but there hasn’t been any sort of social media love from either of them in quite some time. And while couples 100% do not have to post anything about each other on their Instagram accounts in order to be happy and in love, it is a little suspicious since the pair used to share pics and updates about their love story. Perhaps “Dear God” could be about something else entirely, but we’re not ruling out the fact that Hunter did experience some sort of heartbreak that inspired him to write these words and record this song.

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