If your relationship essentially goes down in flames, or you peacefully part ways with your significant other, once someone is your ex, you have the choice whether or not you still want that person to be in your life in some capacity. Want to avoid them at school? No problem. Totally cool with saying hi and making small talk if you run into this person at work? That's fine too. But for celebrities who end up dating singers for example, it's kinda impossible to avoid your former flame, since you know, there's a chance you could hear their voice at any given moment.

Take Hailey Baldwin for example. The supermodel was on a trip, hanging out with some friends out on the water when Justin Bieber's newest song, "2U" came out and of course since it's a jam like the Biebs many other hits. Hailey and Justin had a rather complex relationship and they totally were an item at one time, and she even ended up posting a snippet of her friends dancing to the song on her Instagram story.

Justin is known for you know, cranking out hit songs left and right, so even if Hailey wanted to, she can't really escape his music and she doesn't seem too upset by it! She's not the only star who has been caught listening to their famous ex's tunes too.

Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth

bella thorne and charlie puth

Bella and Charlie had a super brief — as in a weekend long — fling that quickly became a hot topic, when Charlie decided to call Bella out on Twitter because he thought was with still with her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey. For the record, she was single af and says she only thought of Charlie as just as friend, which clearly was a message he missed, but we digress. Not too long after their Twitter drama, Bella took to her Snapchat where she was in the car listening to the radio and Charlie's song, 'We Don't Talk Anymore" came on.

Awkward. But of course Bella took it all in stride like she always does!

Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus and nick jonas

Nick and Miley were a golden couple of Disney Channel. They were super young when they dated (legit a whole decade ago) and there's no bad blood between them. In fact, Nick to his Instagram Story to let everyone know that he was listening to a classic Miley song from her Hannah Montana days.

nick jonas miley cyrus

A jam indeed. So he's choosing to listen to his former teenage love's songs. Amazing.

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato

joe jonas and demi lovato

Joe and Demi played a couple in the Camp Rock movies and IRL, they dated for a little while during this time. Although things didn't work out romantically, they're still the best of friends and Demi had no problem posting a video of herself signing along to Joe's band DNCE's hit, "Cake By the Ocean."

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

taylor lautner and taylor swift

The time when the Taylors were a couple seems like forever ago, but they did indeed date for a few months and T. Swift even wrote the only apology song she's ever written to an ex for the Twilight cutie called "Back to December." Since the two parted ways, Tay has admitted that he still listens to her music, since you know, it's kind of hard to avoid her songs. She's one of the biggest stars out there!

"That's what she does. She writes songs. It's good music. I listen to it," Taylor said during a Facebook Live chat with his Scream Queens co-stars John Stamos and Lea Michele.

A gem he is.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

justin bieber and selena gomez

Of course we had to bring up Jelena, since their on-and-off again saga of a love story was one for the ages. Although Sel is happily dating The Weeknd now, these two are forever linked to each other and they're both know for their popular songs. There was that time JB was in the car and Sel's 'Same Old Love" was playing in the background, although Justin didn't acknowledge it.

And Selena was spotted jamming out to JB's recent jam "Cold Water," so it looks like they're totally OK with hearing each other's songs. All that matters, really.

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