Although love stories aren't always the center of a Disney Channel series or movie, when they do sneak in there, these fictional couples become instant faves. Who didn't want to find the Troy to their Gabriella willing to finish the song inside their heart so they could break free together after watching High School Musical for the first time? Or gasp over the twists and turns that came with Miley Stewart's super dramatic relationship with heartthrob Jake Ryan on Hannah Montana?

Seriously, you become invested in these couples and their love stories and over the years, Disney Channel has managed to give us some truly memorable moments between the pairs, filled with dialogue that just makes your heart melt. Well, we're putting all the DC experts to the test with our latest quiz. This guessing game we've cooked up gives you some of the cutest quotes and conversations the best Disney Channel couples have had and you have to match the oh-so-romantic words to the on-screen pair these words belong to. Think you can handle it?

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Click through the gallery to test your skills!

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