Anytime Niall Horan releases a new song, everyone drops what they're doing to listen to his angelic voice sing us all our new favorite tune. And of course, if it just so happens to be a love song, everyone finds themselves trying to pinpoint who it was written about. Niall hasn't really publicly ever had a girlfriend since he catapulted to fame with One Direction, there have just been rumblings of girls he was supposedly linked to. Well, sorry to break it to you, but Nialler is #Over all of us trying to play detective with his songs.

In an interview with The Shortlist, Niall admits that it's kind of his biggest pet peeve when people spend their time dissecting his lyrics with the sole purpose of just trying to find out which lucky girl is the subject of the song.

"Never ask an artist who a certain song is about. I get it all the time, and what they’re really wanting to know is who you’re [with] at any given time. That’s where it gets annoying. I want people to interpret my music, not assign real people to the lyrics," Niall said. So there we have it, right from Niall himself. He would kindly like for everyone to just enjoy the music he makes for just being good music. Totally see where he's coming from but at the same time, part of the fun of listening to someone who lives this high profile life and has been linked to queens like Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and Demi Lovato, is figuring out who inspired these beautiful songs. Niall is for sure disappointed with that logic, but can he blame us?

niall horan eyeroll

Hey, when Niall was making music with 1D, there were plenty of rumors that the band's song "Perfect" was about Harry Styles' romance with Taylor Swift and Niall even wrote a song about Liam Payne's relationship with his then-girlfriend Sophia Smith called "Illusion". So he's been known to take inspo from real-life love before, as anyone does. But we get it Niall, you want us all to tone down the Sherlock Holmes vibes so fine okay, you win this one.

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