Full-on solo Niall Horan era is upon us and the Irish cutie kicked off his Flicker Sessions tour in where else, Dublin, Ireland. He's playing much smaller venues than he did back during his One Direction days and while we know the singer could easily sell out arenas and stadiums like he did during the band days, he wanted to give fans a much different, smaller scale show and that's exactly what happened.

How precious, Nialler was just so happy to kick-off this tour and had the best time. For those of us who weren't there and might've not been able to snag tickets at all to this tour (speaking from personal experience here, it was legit Hunger Games battle-style to get tix and I don't have any), we're breaking down everything we learned about the big night, thanks to fans who were there and shared tidbits with us on social media. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how his entire family showed up?

And yes, his nephew Theo showed up looking as sharp as ever too.

That outfit though. For real, little Theo looks just like his Uncle Niall, it's honestly cuteness overload. Obviously, Theo didn't come alone although he looks like a little grown up, but he was accompanied by his mom and dad, Denise and Greg. (That means Niall's big bro was in the crowd too!)

horan family

Family goals. The feels didn't stop there since Niall decided to sing a 1D song. BE STILL OUR HEARTS. He did an acoustic verison of their song "Fool's Gold" from the group's album Four. He sounds divine if I say so myself. Take a listen:

This is all a lot to handle at once. Niall is over here following in Harry Styles' footsteps, since during Hazza's solo gigs so far, he has sang the One Direction's song, "Stockholm Syndrome" all by his lonesone. Let's relive that:

These boys are keeping 1D forever and always in their hearts and it's pure magic. But in case you were wondering what else Niall sang, it wasn't just a medley of "This Town" and "Slow Hands" for two hours. He played a ton of his new material we haven't heard before. Here's a copy of the setlist a fan was able to get:

So many new tunes on there! Basically, he looked like he had the time of his life trekking out into solo gigs for the first time and his loyal fans made him feel right at home. Here's a snippet of him belting out "Slow Hands" looking like the happiest lil' bean ever.

The stage is where he belongs. Don't you forget it, Niall. Also, little Theo's post-concert mood is all of us:

The cuteness in this family must be genetic.

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