Just because One Direction is on a hiatus doesn’t mean that Niall Horan and Liam Payne‘s bromance is on a break. In the time that they’ve spent apart, their friendship has only shown its strength. Now, Niall can’t stop dancing to Liam’s new song and TBH, we can’t blame him. The song is such a jam!

First, Niall posted a story on his Instagram, rocking out to Zedd and Liam’s “Get Low” in what looks like his kitchen. We love to see this kind of support amongst the 1D guys! But it seems like Nialler won’t turn Liam off repeat, because he posted yet ANOTHER vid of him dancing away to the same song — this time, in his car. Check out the video below to see Niall getting his groove on!

Side note, we think Liam should consider releasing another music video for the tune, but this time, feature Niall showing off his skills. I mean, check out those moves!

We couldn’t be less surprised that Niall is a huge fan of Liam’s music, since he loves to rock out to original 1D material as well. “I listen to One Direction stuff,” Niall confessed in an interview with Entertainment City. “It will obviously come on, and some days I’ll think of a song and want to listen to it.” Don’t worry, Niall, we still miss your boy band days too.

The boys have reunited a handful of times and graciously shared a few shots from their hang outs. Proving their love will never wane, Liam presented Niall with a gift backstage at a concert. Another time, Niall and Liam posted a few videos on their Instagram stories of one another.

Liam has even spilled to being a major Nialler fangirl backstage at the Summertime Ball. He admitted, “I mean obviously there’s going to be a lot of fangirling going on. I saw him when he did the Ariana [Grande] gig the other day which was amazing, I think he did so well. And the way he’s handling it all at the moment — I mean, going out to these big audiences isn’t easy, so it’s nice to see. I know myself, it’s amazing. So hats off — if I had a hat on, it would be off.” Is it just us or is this bromance everything you ever wanted and more??

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