We like to pretend that, despite that blasted hiatus, the One Direction boys are still the best of friends and frequently meet up, get up to hijinks together, and engage in frequent bantz in their WhatsApp group.

But realistically they probably never speak to each other anymore. WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL?

But Niall Horan is keen to change this.


Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on her show this morning, he said: "I'm going to try and see them [HE MEANS THE 1D BOIZ] this week actually because I haven't met the kid yet, I keep missing them, they're going to America and I'm going back here and visa versa."


He also chatted about his solo album.

"I thought I'd finished the album last November, December then I thought in January that I wasn't and I went back in the studio and wrote 'Slow Hands' in February."

niall horan itv

"When we came into town everyone knew we were here, we were a traveling circus and it was great, we were only kids, 17, 18."

He continued: "Everyone's great yeah, bringing out all sorts of different types of music and we're all going it at the same time which is great."

This post was written by Polly Foreman. It originally appeared on our sister site, Heat.

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