This winter, pop brother trio Before You Exit is hitting the road on Action Item's The Resolution Tour and J-14 is giving you a sneak peak in to the lives of the boys while they keep us up to date in their exclusive tour diaries from the road! Check out the second tour diary below from Connor McDonough.

The Resolution Tour has been a blast over the past weeks. Never did we think we could get to be such good friends with all of the other talented bands on this tour. Philly was a blast and a highlight moment was definitely playing at Q102 where we played an acoustic performance, did a question and answer session, and we were also greeted by a ton of fans which was amazing. Here's a shot we took with fans outside! [above]

After Philly we moved through Washington DC and North Carolina, both of which were really great shows. Florida was the next stop and was definitely one our entire band and crew was looking forward to being that's where we're from. Besides everyone picking up a little sickness, it was no doubt the best feeling to be home and playing shows. One of our favorite parts of the day has definitely been playing the VIP performance where we play a few acoustic songs and then sign afterwards before the show starts.

One of the mornings before load in we walked around Tampa a little bit to find a hula-hoop station where Riley found the inspiration to pick up a couple Hula-Hoop and show off his skills. Check out this picture [below].

Orlando was an amazing show and definitely one for the books. The crowd was electric and it was great to see friends and family while home. Here's a shot of us leaving the bus before the show [below].

Thanks for reading! More entries soon to come!

Do you like Before You Exit? Will you be checking out The Resolution Tour with Action Item?

Photos: Courtesy of Before You Exit

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