J-14's scouting out bands on the brink… here's five things you need to know about Cinema Bizarre!

1- They have rockin' style like Tokio Hotel's Bill!
2- They're currently on tour with Lady Gaga and The White Tie Affair — Lady Gaga specifically requested to have them open for her on tour!
3- They're totally obsessed with Twilight (check out Kiro's "Cullen" bag he got at Wal-Mart!)! When we hung out with them, they were saying which Twilight character they were most like, so we asked them if they found out from the Facebook quiz — and YES! Just like you, they take Facebook quizzes too. (And they were a tad embarrassed to admit it!)
4- They're from Berlin, Germany, and this U.S. tour is their first time in the country. What do they miss about home? Sauerkraut!
5- Romeo is obsessed with squirrels.

And check out their video for Lovesong (They Kill Me) below and let us know what you think!

Lovesongs (They Kill Me) – Cinema Bizarre

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