J-14 is scouting out the hottest bands around… and this week's pick is We Are The In Crowd.

Here are five things you need to know about We Are The In Crowd, whose new EP, Guaranteed to Disagree, drops tomorrow, June 8!

  1. Singer Tay Jardine tells J-14 that the band came up with the name "We Are The In Crowd" because of "a number of different connections we made with it — one of them being The Berenstain Bears book, The In Crowd."

  2. Two of Tay's fave songs off Guaranteed to Disagree are "Never Be What You Want" and "Carry Me Home." "They both relate to personal experiences, and I also feel more passionate when singing them," she explains.

  3. The band's CD release party will be this Saturday, June 12, in their hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY. After that, they'll hit the road from June 25 through August 15 on this summer's Warped Tour.

  4. Tay says there's one thing she has to bring with her on the road to remind her of home — sock monkeys! "The boys hate them and claim that they freak them out — honestly I just think the monkeys embarrass them!" she says. Well, Tay is the only girl in the band — she's got to do something to keep the boys on their toes! "For the most part they treat me the same as they treat each other," she admits. "There's often times, however when I want my personal space and they're respectful of it."

  5. She may be part of a rock band now, but the first CD Tay ever bought was Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hopeless Records

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