Name: Greyson Chance

Age: 13

Where to see him: Greyson released his debut single "Waiting Outside the Lines" this week, a song about "escaping the pressures of life." He even performed the tune on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

Why we love him: Greyson won us over with his sweet demeanor at his J-14 photo shoot. He has a huge heart, a great smile, and not to mention, he is insanely talented! We can't wait to hear the other songs on his new album, set to be released next year.

He talks about… how he bounces back from heartbreak: "I focus on day to day. What is in the past is in the past. What is in the future — I am kind of bad at this — but you shouldn't worry about it. I think you just focus on a day, leave the past behind and make that day the best that you can."

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Photo: Danielle Kepler

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