Justin Bieber and Greyson Chance both grew up in small towns. They both rose to fame through their YouTube videos. And they both made the J-14 Magazine office one of their first stops when they released their music.

Just because they have a few things in common doesn't mean that there's any competition between the two. In fact, they're uber supportive of one another.

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Case in point? Justin Bieber tweeted the YouTube link of Greyson Chance's video, "Unfriend You" on Saturday to his 11.4 million followers, just days before Greyson's debut album, Hold On 'Til the Night, comes out on Tuesday. Talk about helping out a pal!

Justin wrote: "Keep it up bro.. voice sounds great bro keep it up."

And Greyson prompted replied, "Appreciate the support" and retweeted it!

Not just that, Greyson recently said, "Justin's an amazing guy — I've met him a couple times and he's a good friend, but [our music] is very different."


And Greyson's more than happy that Justin's giving him solid advice. "He told me to stick to my family and stick to God. Very good words to live by."

How did you learn who Greyson Chance was?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Heidi Gutman; Mike Coppolla/Getty Images for J-14 Magazine

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