When PrankvsPrank's Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith announced their split last week, fans were shocked. The couple had been together for seven years, after all. However, Jesse recently dropped a major truth bomb — the 32 year old says that he has a secret daughter. In tweets that have since been deleted, he revealed that she is 14 years old and watches his videos, but has no clue that he's her father.

jesse wellens daughter

Although he deleted his initial tweets, he did clarify that he needed to share this secret with the world.

"I may have a daughter. We never met and it's killing me," he wrote, adding that he needed to get the news off his chest and find her.

Jesse says that his daughter was adopted by a family in New York.

Since the very nature of his YouTube channel is about doing pranks, a lot of viewers were wondering if this was all just another ruse. When a fan pressed on to ask whether or not this was a prank, he insisted that he's telling the truth.

Wow, that is major. The YouTube star previously revealed that he's moving to New York, so maybe there's a bigger reason behind it? Jesse also confirmed that he knows his daughter's name.

Um, did you see this coming? It's amazing that he's being so open about it.

Click through the gallery to see photos of Jesse and Jeana. Are you shocked by this reveal?

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