Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith are most well-known for their YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, and beloved by fans for their epic pranks and daily vlogs. However, the couple has been forced to make a big decision about their relationship, and announced their breakup in an emotional, raw YouTube video.

The duo shared the video on their second channel BFvsGF, explaining that daily vlogging put a strain on their life. They're taking a break from vlogging and from their relationship. (They dated for seven years.)

Jesse got real about how vlogging put too much pressure on them, emphasizing that it's not a healthy dynamic.

"For some while now, we've been having a lot of issues in our relationship and it's been hard…[so] we are going to take a break. From vlogging, from each other," he said, noting that he was moving to New York City.

"It's difficult to be in the public eye and have everyone with an opinion. Everyone judges us and our relationship and I don't take things personally, but when things keep happening, it kind of forms your thoughts," Jeana added.

Although they have split, they intend to work together again in the future — just not with daily vlogs. It seems like they're still trying to figure out how things will be between them, so hopefully fans will give them the space they need to heal. They both say that they still love each other very much, and always will.

Click through the gallery to see photos of Jesse and Jeana. Are you surprised they broke up?

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