Is Jake Webber all over your TikTok’s For You Page, too? The social media star, who is best known for his YouTube content with frequent collaborator Johnnie Guilbert, has been blowing up across all platforms recently — and viewers are dying to know more about him. Keep reading to learn more about Jake.

Born on June 11, 1998 (a Gemini!), Jake is originally from Kansas and moved to Los Angles when he was 19 years old to pursue his a career in entertainment.

Getting his start on YouTube, Jake is known for collaborating with Johnnie, who is also his roommate. During an interview with Voyage LA, Jake spoke about his journey making social media content.

“When I was younger I felt very different. I know it’s cliche but I never liked the typical interests as everyone else around me,” he told the outlet. “As I got older I wanted that attention that I never got through friends, so I started making online videos being myself. I moved out to LA to be around people that wanted the same thing as me and everything changed.”

Along with social media, Jake is also a singer! He started releasing music in 2021, mostly in the punk rock genre.

As for his love life, Jake’s most-talked about relationship was with fellow YouTuber Tara Yummy, who he began dating in 2019 until breaking up in August 2023. The former flames addressed their followers directly about their decision to end their relationship in a YouTube video at the time, titled “Jake and Tara: Break Up.”



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Despite their split, the two remain on good terms and still often hang out and collaborate together. During an interview with J-14 from February 2024, Tara spoke about how the decision to remain friends with her ex is “as easy as it can be.”

“Obviously we’re real people that really did break up with, it’s not this fake scenario. I wish it was, that’d be much easier, but at the same time, it comes so easy because we are actually just friends in real life,” she said of Jake. “We are just friends in real life and obviously Johnnie’s best friends with Jake, so that makes me really close with him as well because we’re such good friends. I think that’s why it works out and that’s why people like it so much because it translates onscreen genuinely. Has it been hard? I mean, it hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world, but at the same time, it’s so fun and comes so natural that I’m like, why not? I’m glad people like it.”

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