You first fell in love with Lea Michele on Glee, and her recent interview with Women's Health is giving us hope that the series can get brand-new life! While sitting down with the magazine, she opened up about how she was super-emotional filming the last day because she knew it would be the end — but also hinted that they were hoping that Netflix or Hulu would pick up the series.

"I definitely prepared myself as much as possible, leading up to the last day and each day coming into work and being like 'oh my gosh, this is my last scene with this person!' I did a lot of the work leading up, but no matter what on that last day it's just kind of like 'oh my god, we are never gonna be here ever again (unless we get picked up by Netflix at some point, or Hulu)'," she said.

Uh, does this mean what we think it means? Is there hope for another iteration of Glee? She seems perfectly happy with Scream Queens (and we love her in the show), so this probably won't be happening any time soon. But maybe in the future?

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