Matthew Espinosa is being accused of making a seriously offensive comment on Snapchat. If you've been wondering why #MatthewExposedParty has been trending on Twitter, this is what happened. A photo was posted onto his account that used a racial slur.

"N—- this song sucks," the message said.

matthew espinosa snapchat

The web star quickly tweeted that he was disappointed that this photo appeared on his Snapchat, and he blamed his friend.

matthew espinosa racist

On Snapchat, he gave his side of the story, claiming that he gave his friend his phone while he was on a roller coaster (and now knows not to trust that friend.)

"So when I went on a roller coaster, I didn't bring my phone because I almost dropped it one time. I gave my phone to my friend, and he went to this [target practice thing]…Next thing I know, there's a story posted, but I didn't see it until 40 minutes later," he said.

"First, I am not a racist. Second, that was not me who posted it. Third, I know where my heart lies and I know where I belong in this world, so don't tell me that I'm something that I am not," Matt continued.

"Every single day, I use my voice and I use my social media to make this world a better place, to make everyone live in harmony. You can not tell me that I do not do that because that is all I focus on."

Well, there you have it.


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