Beginning in 2013, Magcon was the place to be. We mean, where else could you see your favorite social media stars all in one place? Unfortunately, though, as the OG Magcon crew got older, they all went off and started to do their own things. And while there were some attempts to put Magcon back together again and introduce some new social media stars into the mix, anyone would agree that it was never quite like the original.

Still, just because the original Magcon squad is no longer, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been doing some really incredible stuff. Some have gone on to be famous musicians, others are models and some (or one, to be exact) is even engaged to be married with a kid on the way!

Whether your fave was Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas or even the Jack & Jack boys, we guarantee they’ve been busy cooking up something awesome for their fans. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the gallery to see what your favorite OG Magcon members are up to now.

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