Once upon a time, MagCon was the hub of all the web stars everyone was totally obsessed with. Guys like Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Taylor Caniff, and Shawn Mendes to name a few went out on tour together to meet all their many adoring fans, they created Vines and YouTube videos as a squad, and basically gave their army of fans the type of content they needed. But like all good things, MagCon's days in the sun came to an end and while there was a reboot that was documented in the Netflix series Chasing Cameron, the magic seems to be gone. And they are fully aware it's all about Team 10 now.

Cameron and Taylor were recently on a skiing/snowboarding trip together and they were joking around with some fans they ran into, which they shared all about on Snapchat. Cam is seen saying to a fan, "MagCon's fallen off and it's all about Team 10?" to which the girl replies, "Sadly." Cameron then points to himself and Taylor and says they've "fallen off." LOL. And the jokes didn't stop there. Cameron then asks the fans he was talking to if they like Team 10 to which they all say "No" but Cameron doesn't want to start any drama with Jake Paul and crew since he's friendly with JP.

"I like them, but they are way bigger than MagCon like MagCon has completely fallen off," Cameron said. Cam then asks Taylor how this update makes him fell and Taylor being Taylor had the most hilarious reaction to it all.

"Honestly I've been dealing with it for like two years, I used to get 300,000 likes and now I'm getting 100,000," Taylor said, as he and Cameron burst in laughter. Check out the whole video to see this convo go down:

So OK, clearly the guys are joking around and although they might not be the top dogs of social media anymore, they're still the OG crusaders with loyal fans who are still following their every move. And while the days of MagCon being the hottest Internet squad are long gone and everyone is all about Team 10 now, it's nice to know some of these guys have genuine, life-long friendships with each other as a result of the crazy journey they went on together. And for fans, there's nothing like knowing they're still close and seeing their hangout sessions still brings on all the feels. So yes, the MagCon kings know their peak days are over but the memories will last forever.

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