When an artist puts out a song, you would think it’s something they’re totally proud of. But as we’ve learned, musicians don’t always end up loving every song they’ve ever recorded and for various reasons, they end up not being fans of their own tunes. Imagine having to sing a song over and over again that you’re just not that into?

Take Cameron Dallas for example. The web star is now in full-on music-making mode and while he recently dropped the bop that is “Why Haven’t I Met You?” as his big introduction to the music world, he did once release a song a few years back called “She Bad.” The song isn’t on Cameron’s YouTube channel anymore, but it’s still out on the internet for fans to find. Speaking on The A-List Pop Live on Apple Music, the 24-year-old admitted he was never into the track to begin with.

“This was technically my second time releasing music. A couple of years ago, one of my old managers asked me if I wanted to go in the studio and see if I like making music. So I ended up doing that and that song ended up coming out. Now I wasn’t really a big fan of it, but it ended up coming out anyways and it’s there,” Cameron said. “But I think after that, it made me go back to the drawing board and think if I’m really going to do music, I need to invest my time in it and really spend a lot of time in it, so that’s what I did.”

At the end of the day, the lyrical content of “She Bad” just isn’t something Cam is necessarily proud of.

“I’m really big into lyrics and for me it was super important that I wasn’t just saying anything. And I think that’s what I did with my first song, it didn’t mean anything, it had no meaning towards me, no impact on my life, I just put it out. And I think for me, I wanted to be super vulnerable and talk about what I’m going through,” Cameron said.

Fair enough! And he’s not the only celeb who isn’t a huge fan of something he’s done in the past. Check out the gallery below to see who else doesn’t like their own songs.

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