The identity of Cameron Dallas‘ girlfriend and his love life, in general, is a hot topic his loyal fans need to know about. Ultimately, it seems like everyone just wants to know who is Cameron dating? Since he’s has broken out from just being a social media star to now an actor, model, aspiring musician who happens to have his own Netflix series, pretty much any time he’s seen hanging out with a girl, everyone wants to know if he’s dating her. It’s most likely because Cam’s fans think he would make a great boyfriend and it’s about time he has some love in his life!

Plus, he often sends out a tweet to his 16 million followers about his desire for a relationship that no doubt stirs up the drama every now and then. And for a minute there, he had everyone thinking he might’ve just found the one after all. Or so he wanted us to believe. Cameron was in Milan walking in the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show when he took fans by total surprise, letting everyone know he was “officially taken,” all with one kissing pic he shared on Instagram. The stunning beauty who appeared to have won Cameron’s heart is model Giorgia Caldarulo and he later posted a video showing off the moment the two were kissing, looking as happy as ever together. Cameron was really plugging this new romance too, even posting on his Instagram story that he’s finally found his queen.

cameron dallas ig story
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And he responded back to fans in the comments of his pics, letting them know he’s so happy they’re happy for him.


cameron dallas instagram fan comments


Now while this all appears to be the happiest time in Cameron’s life, this sudden romance wasn’t real, like we originally suspected. Cam spoke to #legend about the inauthentic public display of affection and how it was all for a photo shoot, with the final photo being revealed in the fashion brand’s latest campaign. “It was for Dolce; they wanted to remake that really famous photo from New York [V-J Day in Times Square] under the Duomo. I realized how beautiful it would be and said alright, ‘I’m down,'” Cameron explained. “Giorgia is an amazing person. I only met her that day, but she’s amazing. Such a great person, internally. She’s gorgeous as well, like, wow! She’s really gorgeous. A lot of fans were there taking photos and I knew it would get out, so I just rolled with it. I thought it was cool — our first kiss was under the Duomo, it’s very romantic. I thought it was really romantic — maybe a little staged, but a great photo. Yeah, it was pretty staged, but it’s kind of like, maybe our parents brought us together!”  So there we have it, the smooch everyone was freaking out over was just for a photo and no, Cameron is not dating Giorgia. Way to prank us all, Cam. Since this epic kiss though, he has since gone back to his usual, still single and looking for the one style on social media. But he did say that he went on a date in a now-deleted tweet, so perhaps maybe this time, it’s the real deal.

While we’re not sure why he would put this out there for the world to know about, it is all very interesting and just adds more fuel to the idea that the web star turned model is really trying to find his one true love after all. Well before that v fake yet convincing public declaration of love to Giorgia, Cameron’s love life was — and probs always will be — a bit of a mystery and fans have always been curious about who he’s dating. All it took was one video in a Dear Cameron series he started on his YouTube channel where Cam answered all of the burning questions anyone has ever had about his dating history. And now, we have the ultimate guide to the cutie’s love life thanks to those answers and you know, just examining his friendships with some of the stunning ladies he’s been linked to over the years. Here we go:

Is Cameron single?

Yes, yes he is! In fact, he even admitted to Teen Vogue that he’s simply super busy at the moment and doesn’t really have the time to get to know someone.

“I’m always on tour and always meeting new people, so it’s hard to make real connections. I don’t have time to make connections, let alone date or become friends with someone, because I’m hardly ever in one place long enough,” he said. Fair enough! And going back to that one v helpful YouTube video he uploaded, he explained that he was focusing on himself.

“My love life is kind of chill. I’m more so working on self-improvement and expanding myself and learning about myself and understanding who I am and getting to know what I’m about. I feel like for my love life before I love someone else, I really need to experience who I am, so I’m still learning about myself,” he explained.

How many girlfriends has Cameron had?

He has spoken about this before, but he made it clear once and for all that he’s only ever had one girlfriend. “I’ve had one official girlfriend, that was my junior year. Her name was Jasmine Gonzalez, went to Chino High School. We talked for four months and dated for three. The reason we broke up, we just kind of realized we were better off as friends,” he explained.

So there we have it: Jasmine is the lucky girl who spent seven months with Cam has her guy. In another YouTube video, Cameron once revealed the most romantic thing he’s ever done for a girl and while he didn’t say who, we’re going to go ahead and guess it was Jasmine. And yes, the story is v cute.

“Before I went [to her house] I got in my car and I drove and right before I made a left outside of my community, there were a bunch of roses and I thought I might as well do something cute, right? So I legit spent like ten minutes looking for the perfect rose, got the rose, drove to her house, gave her the rose. It was cute,” he said. Just precious.

Who has Cameron dated?

Besides Jasmine, Cameron hasn’t publicly had any other girlfriends, but there have been plenty of stunning beauties he has been linked to along the way. But before we get into all that, we do need to bring up that time in 2015 when Cam had everyone thinking he was happily in love. The web star took to Twitter and Instagram to let the world know he found the perfect girl with a series of oh so romantic pics.

“I know I’ve been putting it off for a while…. But I’m officially taken. Love you ?,” he wrote in the caption of the pics he shared on Instagram. While Cameron didn’t reveal the mystery girl in the photos’ identity, it’s been speculated that it’s Rachel Bentley, who Cameron was spotted out and about holding hands, looking rather coupley with. But when he posted these pics, it happened to be April Fools’ Day and he admitted it was all a prank.

“I was kidding (: I’m single haha it was just a photoshoot but I do love her ?,” he wrote on Instagram, along with tweeting out a screenshot of the calendar to remind us this was all a joke.

So who else has Cameron been linked to? Well, let us explain…

What’s going on with Cameron and Kelsey Calemine?

Cam spent New Year’s Eve in Miami along with some of his OG MagCon buds Taylor Caniff, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson and Chris Miles. Also on hand were Anastasia Karanikolaou (Kylie Jenner’s bestie who used to date Sammy Wilk) and model Kelsey Calemine. You might recognize her from Instagram, where she has amassed more than 1 million followers and Cameron posted a selfie with the blonde beauty on his Snpchat story.


cameron dallas kelsey snapchat


(Photo Credit: Snapchat)

Now there hasn’t been any sign of anything romantic going on between them and Kelsey just seems to be part of this crew Cameron was hanging out with and they’re just friends for now at least. One selfie doesn’t really say all that much!

Is Hailey Baldwin Cameron’s girlfriend?

Cameron and Hailey have actually known each other for a few years now but within the last few months, they really started hanging out more after both modeling for legendary designer Carolina Herrara’s latest campaign. From dinners to hanging out at parties and concerts together, appearing on each other’s Instagram stories and fans even ran into the pair together, naturally everyone was shipping them.


hailey baldwin and cameron dallas


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While neither Cam or Hailey has ever directly commented on the status of their friendship, it seems like maybe something more was going on but it has since fizzled out since the blonde beauty was lately been seen getting cozy with Cam’s longtime friend, Shawn Mendes. So for now, nothing much to report besides they’re just friends.

Is Cameron dating Alexis Ren?

Now this is where things get interesting. Cameron and Alexis both got their social media starts as Instagram models and they once even sent friendly, yet flirty tweets to each other back in 2013. They did a photo shoot together for their mutual good friend, photographer Bryant Eslava in May of 2017 that completely proved they not only would make a gorgeous couple, but they really do have such great chemistry together. Proof:



A few months later, Bryant posted on his Snapchat story a ~shirtless~ photo of Cameron. While we are all #thankful B shared this pic because who doesn’t need more shirtless Mr. Dallas in their lives, it’s his phone everyone can’t stop looking at. Take a look at the background of his lock screen.


cameron dallas snapchat alexis ren


(Photo Credit: Snapchat)

It appears to be a girl, posing in a squatting down position, wearing a skirt and sneakers. Here’s a close-up:


cameron dallas lock screen zoomed in


(Photo Credit: Snapchat)

Photo look familiar? That’s because it’s straight up from Alexis’ Instagram.


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BOOM. Need we say more??? So okay, this doesn’t prove anything really because it was Bryant who took this pic and Cameron’s phone just so happened to be strategically placed in his hand so we would be able to see the background. Seems like it all could’ve been planted and Cam might just be one to post pics of his crush as his phone background. Cameron then took to Twitter to let everyone know he had since changed his lock screen after all this hoopla to a dog, so perhaps they were just messing with us all and love wasn’t in the air for the pair after all. Sigh.

Did Cameron date Sofia Richie?

Rumors started swirling that something was going on between Sofia and Cameron after they really hit it off at Milan Fashion Week in 2016 and Cam was seen on Sof’s Snapchat story hanging out at her house with all their friends quite a few times.


cameron and sofia milan


(Photo Credit: Getty)

But it seems like it was once again, just a friendship, which Sofia made clear when a paparazzi asked her about the status of their relationship.

“No, that’s one of my great friends,” she said and when she was asked if there’s a chance they could date in the future, she gave a little laugh and flat out said, “I don’t think so.” Cameron echoed these sentiments when another pap tried to find out if there was more to their relationship too.

“Oh no, we’re just friends. I feel like if I hang out with any girl [there are rumors] though. She’s dope,” he said.

Was Chase Carter Cameron’s girlfriend?

Before his friendship with Sofia sparked rumors, Cameron was spotted hanging out with model Chase Carter while on vacation in Hawaii. Yep, she’s the blonde beauty in the photo he shared of the pair cliff-jumping together on Instagram, which he has since deleted from his account.


cameron dallas chase carter hawaii instagram


(Photo Credit: Instagram)

But these two are simply just friends since Chase happily dating Olympic swimmer Conor Dwyer at this time although they’re no longer together. So clearly there is nothing romantic going on here!

Did Cameron ever date CloeCouture?

These two did a pair YouTube collab videos that were all about dating and relationships, which naturally led to speculation of how these web stars know each other and if they were a couple. They seemed to get along and well, anytime Cam is spotted with a girl who isn’t his mom or sister, people speculate about their relationship. As it turns out, they are simply just acquaintances and Cloe took to her own channel to set the record straight about how they ended up working together.

“Cameron and I are in the same YouTube network and our network was just looking for people to collab with. That day of the video, we had never met before, I had been speaking to his manages and stuff to plan the video, but we had never talked about anything,” she shared in the video. “I don’t like to do collabs this way, so I get there and then literally 10 minutes later, we sit down and start filming his video. That’s probably why I was so nervous and awkward in it because I typically only film collabs with friends or usually we brainstorm about it first, so it was a little bit of a weird situation.”

Cameron Dallas Cloe Couture

The two didn’t even know each other before that day they met and filmed the videos! So no, they never dated and Cloe went on to say that ever since then, she’s received some not so nice message from fans, which she hopes will stop now that she’s shared her side and put the truth out there.

“Nothing happened between us, we never dated and I would really appreciate it if all the Cameron Dallas fans would stop posting angry pictures of me,” Chloe said. “After that collab, I literally got so much hate from these Cameron Dallas fangirls, like you guys, I didn’t do anything! But he’s a really chill guy and the videos turned out great. It was a good collab, but it was business.”

So no romance here, folks.

Has Cameron ever cheated on a girlfriend?

Cameron brought this up during his YT Q & A video, saying that for some reason people tend to think this is true about him before getting to know or even meeting him. But he admitted the truth that no, he hasn’t.

“No, I have never cheated on anyone. I’ve only had one girlfriend and on top of that, it’s not something I would ever do and it’s kind of offensive that people assume that I’m that type,” he said. GOOD TO KNOW.

Who is Cameron’s celebrity crush?

Even though it’s clear Cameron could date probably anyone he wanted, there is truly one woman who is a bit out of his league and he can’t help but love from afar: Rihanna. The queen that is RiRi is the one fellow celeb he’s crushing on (and really who doesn’t have a crush on Rihanna?!) and he’s even liked some highly convincing, super impressive fan-made manips on Twiter of the pair.



Yup, clearly slaying.

Is Cameron married?

Short answer: No. But there was a minute when fans freaked out and thought it would be true. He appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden sporting a band on his ring finger on what appears to be his left hand, aka the finger a wedding band goes on. So everyone was wondering what exactly is going on. Does Cameron actually have a special someone in his life? And more importantly, did he secretly get married?! Here are the pics that are floating around that has Cam’s fans scratching their heads a bit:


And he even liked this tweet from a fan who took note of the fact that he was wearing the mysterious piece of jewelry. She also called out how last time everyone checked, he was single and didn’t have a girlfriend, let alone a wife.

cameron dallas ring

Since she was joking around in her tweet and he showed it some love, it’s safe to say Cameron isn’t married and just felt like wearing the ring on that specific finger. It is meant to have a ring on it, after all. Which leads up to the big question…

How do I get Cameron to notice me?

Don’t even try to deny you’re not wondering somewhere deep down in your soul how exactly you can be the one to snag Cam off the market. And he explained exactly what you can do to catch his eye: just be yourself and don’t be too shy to say hello to him.

“For me, for someone to come to me and [say] ‘Hey’ for me to notice them, it would literally be that. Come up to me and be like, ‘hey what’s up? I’m so and so’ and kind of just start basic conversation and just see where that goes,” he said in his Dear Cameron video.

Who is Cameron’s dream girl?

In an interview with Seventeen, the Chasing Cameron star opened about all about his dream girlfriend, and the way he described this lucky girl will just make your heart melt.

“I hope she talks a lot and makes me laugh. I hope she’s genuine— that means so much to me. Someone who is truthful and faithful. Someone I’d feel comfortable and confident having around people— where people would come up to me like, ‘Wow, you guys are so good together. She completes you.’ Someone who makes me a better person,” Cameron said. “I like the idea of being in a relationship. I do want to find a wife—and not when I’m 40. I want to settle down, have a family. I want six kids, maybe even more. Who knows?”

OK, let’s just process all of that adorableness. Oh, and remember that Venice boat pic we mentioned earlier? Well, in the caption of that shot, Cameron went on to say that he has plans to return to the beautiful city, with someone special by his side: his future wife.

“People have talked to me about the beauty in Venice, and I can say from first-hand experience you have to be here to truly witness it, what an amazing spot in the world. Within 30 minutes of me being here I am sold to the fact that I will always be obsessed with this place and I can’t wait to take my wife and kids here one day… (my wife first though, ?) photo cred – @andreww_ferrer,” he wrote in the caption of the post he has since taken down, which we’re not sure why since it was a v nice pic. But we digress since Cam totally slayed our hearts with that caption. The cuteness over this future wife of his didn’t stop there since he wrote back to a fan who commented on this pic that he will be “blessed to have her.”


cameron dallas wife instagram comment


Plus, he already has an ideal date in mind for his special girl too. And trust us when we say it’s already the most romantic night ever.

“I would love to drive to a big field, get in an airplane and fly to Hawaii at night. Then we’d skydive out of the plane, land in the water, unhook the skydiving thing and swim all the way to shore. I would have the beach lit up, so the girl wouldn’t be scared. Sometimes girls aren’t scared – and that’s pretty cool, too. But we’d swim in and dinner would be set up. It’d be chill; there’d be a cabana and a violin playing,” Cameron explained to #legend. “I’m just imagining right now what my next perfect date will be like. I want to have a big projector screen in the water and I want fireworks in the background! But that’s for after the movie is over. That way I know in my head that I have like an hour, and I can time it out and make the moment special. Kiss her when the fireworks start, you know? Make it special. And doves would fly, obviously. And my friend [Bryant] would be hiding out, and right when the fireworks went, he’d come in and take photos and it would be a cute thing. It depends on the girl — some girls don’t want there to be any photos, they just want it to be a private thing. So that’s why we’d keep it secret, I’d surprise her with a portrait of it, like, 20 years after when we’re married.”

Okay, he really did think this entire date out and his future love is officially the luckiest girl. One day Cameron will find the right girl and as for now, well we’re sure there’s plenty of people who wouldn’t mind getting a chance to try and win his heart.

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