Whether it's a silly typo or a mix-up with celebrity mentions, we've all had our fair share of Twitter fails in the past. For most of us, we can easily just delete a tweet and it's as if it never happened. But if you take a look at any celebrity's timeline, you'll notice that some of them have also tweeted super embarrassing typos and with millions of followers, it's kind of hard to every get rid of the errors. If they delete the tweet, there are screenshots so might as well leave it up for the world to see, which is still super embarrassing!

So many of your fave stars have all fallen victim to this very human error like Selena Gomez, Cameron Dallas and Ariana Grande. From missing letters to total misspellings, this is why it's always best to do a little proofreading before you hit tweet every now and then. Just something to keep in mind.

Click through the gallery to see all the times your favorite stars made humiliating mistakes on Twitter!

This post was originally published on June 27 2016 and has since been updated.

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