If you had a pulse, you were crying your eyes out towards the end of Toy Story 3 when Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang were heading towards certain destruction in an incinerator. Realizing they can't cheat “death” (they can), they clasp hands and head towards their destiny together. According to one source, that was nothing in the tears department compared to what supposedly had happened to the father of young toy owner Andy.

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Now it should be pointed out that Andrew Stanton, co-writer of all three Toy Story films (four if you count the one currently in production) has debunked these claims, tweeting that it is “complete and utter fake news,” which should put this “theory” to a rest….but probably won’t.

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Mike Mozart is a toy product designer and reviewer who was close to late Pixar head writer Joe Ranft. Mozart was reportedly given some never-before-revealed background information on the fate of Andy Sr., who was suffering from polio. It was he, and not Andy Jr., who grew up with the Woody doll. Woody was a one-of-a-kind toy prototype awarded to him from a cereal company, which is supposedly the reason that the toy was considered so valuable.

In an effort to protect the then-youngster from the debilitating disease, in 1959 most of his toys were destroyed through burning, the exceptions being Woody, Mr. Potato Head and Slinky. And the only reason that they were saved is that he crawled out of bed (his legs had been racked by the disease) and retrieved them from the pile, hiding them in a small cardboard box.

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Miraculously, the destined-to-be Andy Sr. managed to recover from the disease enough to have gotten married and fathered Andy Jr. Unfortunately, he eventually found himself a victim of Post-Polio Syndrome, resulting in a severe weakening of the muscles that had originally been affected by polio, and spreading to others. With no choice, the family moved into Andy Jr.'s grandparents’ home.

Website i09 describes what supposedly happened next with Andy, Sr. being on his deathbed: “Andy’s father calls Andy over to his bedside, giving him a key from his wallet and telling him to go bring down a chest in the attic. Andy heads up there and grabs the chest, but by the time he returns downstairs…his father is dead. Andy forgets about the chest and the key, only to open it after the funeral. Woody, Slinky, and Mr. Potato Head wake up from their slumber, see Andy Jr., and believe he’s the kid they grew up with all those years ago. They don’t know their original owner is dead; Andy lives on in his son.”

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We think they’ve just come up with a 14th reason why. How utterly depressing this would have been if shown in one of the films; it would have made the opening moments of Up a trip to Disneyland by comparison. If true, our thanks to the person who dropped this idea.

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21, 2019.

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