Ever since Cory Monteith's tragic passing, Glee has seen some serious changes in the storyline. With only one more season to go, the show's creator Ryan Murphy has revealed tidbits of information that will totally surprise fans.

Not only will the final season be less New York City centric, but Ryan has said that there will be a huge time jump as well. Plus, he's going to invite the original cast members back!

"We are going to do a time jump, and that's really all I'll say. My feeling about the last season of Glee is very clear, and that is that we will be reaching out to all of the regulars on the show, that original group of Glee club members and the teachers, and anybody who wants to come back can come back," Ryan told E! News.

He also revealed that Cory's character was originally going to take over the Glee Club for Mr. Schuester.

"[Cory's] character Finn was going to take over the Glee club and Rachel was going to be off in her New York adventures, but Cory passed away and part of the story, as we had imagined it, it didn't make sense anymore," he explained.

Are you excited that the original cast may be back for the entire last season? Are you shocked there's going to be a time jump? Sound off in the comments below!

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