The world is eagerly waiting to see Zendaya and Zac Efron on the big-screen together, and this team-up is the stuff a Disney Channel fan girl’s dreams are made of.

What could only make their film debut even better was if they were playing Troy Bolton and K.C. Cooper in a High School Musical and K.C. Undercover in an epic musical hybrid of the show and film.

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Okay, so that may be a little too much to ask for, but the two are playing love-interests in The Greatest Showman, and of course with their shared Disney Channel pasts – the question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Z was a die-hard HSM fan.

The answer? “I mean everybody was, come on now,” the actress dished during an interview with E! Online.

Does that mean she randomly broke out singing, “We’re All In This Together” during filming? Probably not, but maybe she did a few times while learning how work the trapeze for the film – which was something she never saw herself doing.

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Zendaya said, “I spent months trapeze training, which is not something I said or thought I could do. So there you go! You can see that I did it.”

“I did as much as I could and it was so much fun. I learned different things that I could actually do and take it there,” she continued to say.

Gotta love that Z always gives 100% to everything she does, and doesn’t limit herself when it comes to figuring out what kind of stunts she can or can’t do. Obviously all her hard work paid off, because the actress absolutely slayed in the trailer.

Fans of course have to wait until December to see the movie and the insane chemistry between Zendaya and Zac to it's full extent, but for now we’re sure knowing that the actress is as much of a fan girl as the rest of us is enough to tie everyone over until then.

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