Updated: Apr 18, 2017 7:48 am

OMGBella Doesn't Care About Selena and The Weeknd

Bella1 7
This weekend, thousands of people headed to Indio, California for the most anticipated music festival of the year – Coachella. However, one person was noticeably missing and that person was Bella Hadid. She’s...
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Apr 15, 2017 12:29 pm

SO FUNSelena and The Weeknd Head to Coachella

Selena gomez the weeknd italy
If fans weren’t already aware, Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals of the summer season and of course it brings out it’s fare share of celebrities and couples rocking some seriously...
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Updated: Apr 25, 2016 9:57 am

UNDER THE SUNCoachella 2016 Couples

Every year, the Coachella festival marks the start of summer — or at least, it feels that way! It's a time for all your favorite celebrities to convene in California's Indio Valley, debuting...
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