This first weekend of Coachella is one that just keeps on bringing the love between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd.

One the first night of the music festival, the two were spotted getting cozy with one another as they enjoyed some performances, and on the second day of Coachella – Abelena put the PDA into overdrive. The two were spotted with their arms wrapped around one another all throughout the day. They were seen sharing a few kisses everywhere they went, and the PDA even stumbled onto the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer’s Instagram page.

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Yup, Sel has finally posted her first selfie of her and her guy and it’s super adorable! Although she didn’t write a caption with the picture, judging from the smile on their faces – it’s obvious they are super in love with one another! It’s just too cute!

Considering she’s the most followed person on Instagram, we have a feeling this selfie is on it’s way to become one of the most liked pictures on the app.

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Circling back to the PDA, a bunch of fans caught the couple having some major fun at the festival, and they were clearly not afraid to put their feelings for one another out on display.

There were so many Abelena sighting throughout the day, that the two were seen spending some time with Halsey and they even made it onto Snapchat’s official Coachella story. Talk about a high-profile day!

Looks like Selena and The Weeknd are having a ton of fun at the festival; despite fans trying to take a picture of them everywhere they go. Considering there’s a whole day still left of this Coachella weekend, we have a feeling Abelena is somehow going to find a way to get back on fan’s radars before the festivities come to an end.

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