The IRL wedding of Blair Waldorf off of Gossip Girl and Seth Cohen off of The OC (Leighton Meester and Adam Brody to their m8z) was 100% without doubt the event of the Millennium.

It was a pairing nobody ever ever ever saw coming, but now we can’t imagine the world without.

The two now have a baby, and are as loved up as ever. We couldn’t be happier.

Leighton and Adam haven’t tended to address just how mad / hilarious it is Seth and Blair are together, but have now spoken about it in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight.

When asked if they both had a laugh about the whole thing, Adam said: "Occasionally," and Leighton added: "Yeah, maybe occasionally. Not in the same way maybe you do.”

Adam then said: "Once a year—once a year, we have a Seth and Blair day, where we dress up," Brody joked. "It's good for a laugh."


We think he’s probably joking, but we’re just gonna pretend this actually happens.

This post was written by Polly Foreman. It originally appeared on our sister site, HeatWorld.

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