Even though Josh Peck and Ariana Grande are not currently on Nickelodeon shows, they're both on good terms with the network that gave them their big breaks. So the legendary show creator Dan Schneider is throwing us all for a loop by hinting that these two stars may be appearing on this Saturday's episode of his new show, Game Shakers. Will it happen? Maybe. Possibly. We hope so. But we're trying to stay realistic.


He posted a throwback photo of Josh from Drake & Josh, asking fans, "Now what on Earth could this have to do with Saturday's BRAND-NEW episode of #GameShakers?"

He also tweeted a photo of Ariana Grande from her Sam & Cat days, along with the same question.

Since Victorious' Matt Bennett has already confirmed his guest appearance, we're getting our hopes up for a Cat and Robbie reunion.

However, you have to pay attention to the props that the Drake & Josh and Sam & Cat stars are holding in their hands. Cat is hugging her beloved stuffed purple giraffe, Mr. Purple, and Josh is proffering a GameSphere. It could easily just be a tease to get us to tune into the show and find out. And we're not going to lie, we're falling for it (though we were already planning on watching the episode anyway).

Josh and Ariana on Game Shakers? We may not be able to make it through the episode. RIP us. But anything is possible. It seemed like the "Problem" singer may never return to television again, and then she joined the cast of Scream Queens. She also has the same stylist, Brigitte Pilla, from her Nick days. It would be pretty easy to slip back into her Cat Valentine persona!

Do you think that Josh and Ariana will be guest-starring? Let us know in the comments!

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