It is no secret that Becky G absolutely loves everything that involves the Disney universe. The singer has been spotted visiting Disneyland multiple times. She introduced her fans to her new boyfriend, soccer player Sebastian Lleget, with a photo of them kissing in front of Cinderella's castle. She has appeared in some Disney Channel shows (remember her guest role on Austin & Ally?) She has even dressed up as Disney characters for past Halloweens. In fact, her Beasters have snapped photos with her chilling at the amusement park, and she's decked out in Mickey Mouse merch.

There have been several moments when the Power Rangers actress is all dressed up on a red carpet and it is hard to miss the resemblance between her and some beloved Disney characters β€” so much so that her boyfriend even calls her a queen. We have collected different times when Becky looked just like a character from Disney, from princesses to cartoon characters, to even one of the princesses' pets!

Click through the gallery to see all the times Becky reminded us of our favorite Disney character.

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