Miranda Cosgrove interviewed Drake Bell on the set of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh and J-14's sharing the deets!

MIRANDA: What's it like working with Josh again?

DRAKE: It's awesome! It's totally cool! We haven't worked together for two year–and you! It's really cool. I love getting everybody back together again and I just love–it's awesome! It's a bummer it's almost over.

MIRANDA: I know.

DRAKE: Yeah, it's a bummer. I got to come over and work on iCarly now.

MIRANDA: Yeah you should.

MIRANDA: What do you do during your down time on set?

DRAKE: During my time on set, you know hang out at the crafts service table. Eat carrots and celery.

MIRANDA: Did you try the cupcakes today?

DRAKE: Yeah, they're delicious! Did you try them the other day when they had the chocolate chips in the cupcakes? I've never seen that before. It was awesome! So, you know that.

MIRANDA: Do you have any on screen crushes or girlfriends in the movie?

DRAKE: Onscreen crushes…I don't think I can have any onscreen crushes because everyone in this movie is like nine years old. We're working mostly with the foster kids. Oh wait! I do have two kissing scenes, so I guess there is two onscreen crushes.

MIRANDA: Tell us about them.

DRAKE: Well one I was dressed like Santa Clause, it was quite funny because you know the hair with the beard, it's difficult to kiss with it on because you it in the mouth you know. And the other one was behind the bleachers while the cops were chasing Josh around. I was busy making out, which was nice for me.

MIRANDA: What's been your favorite part of filming the movie?

DRAKE: Favorite part about filming the movie so far… I don't know. There's a lot of things. All the kids were great. Working with Kimbo Slice is awesome, playing Bludge. He's so cool. And getting to work with all of you guys again, getting you know, Nancy, and Jonathon, and Josh, and you, and everybody–It's really cool. It's like a big family reunion.

MIRANDA: What scene in the movie is your favorite?

DRAKE: The snow scene. Probably when we all run out and they have all that fake snow. It looks really cool. That was fun.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh airs this Friday on Nickelodeon!

Photos: Courtesy of Nickelodeon

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