Drake Bell has grown so much since his time on the iconic Nickelodeon TV show, Drake & Josh, where he starred alongside Josh Peck from 2004 to 2007. Keep reading to see his photo transformation.

After Drake and Josh, he went on to act in Superhero MovieHighly Gifted, Cover Versions, Dan Is Dead and more. He also lent his voice to Marvel’s The Ultimate Spider-Man and the three Fairly Oddparents movies! Drake also continued his music career. In 2014, he released his third studio album, Ready, Steady, Go.

Prior to announcing that he was married to Janet Von Schmeling and welcoming a child, Drake “pleaded guilty to two criminal counts of attempted child endangerment charges and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles,” according to a report from Us Weekly in June 2021. One month later, Us Weekly confirmed that he was sentenced to two years probation, 200 hours of community service in the state of California and cannot have contact with the victim.

The actor and his wife split in January 2023, per multiple reports.

ICYMI, Drake’s former costar Josh shocked fans in 2019 after revealing that he and Drake were no longer friends, explaining that he had not spoken or connected with his Drake since reuniting at the VMAs in 2017. On top of that, during an August 2021 interview with ComicBook.com, Josh was asked if he would ever be interested in reprising his Nickelodeon character and delivered a sad update.

“Not really, no. I never think about it in that way,” he began. “I think there’s certain shows that have done it really well, like Fuller House, which I was lucky enough to do a few episodes of. And I think what really worked for them was that it wasn’t really about the uncles so much anymore. It was about DJ and Stephanie and Kimmy. They were really lucky because they were important characters from the original who then were able to make it their own in the reboot. So I think if you’re going to do it, I think you have to do it like that, and have just a really strong idea and not just do it because it was once great.”

Click through the gallery below to see photos of Drake’s transformation over the years.

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