Things between Josh Peck and Jennette McCurdy appear to be pretty rocky following their Nickelodeon days! The Drake & Josh alum revealed that he might just be feuding with the former iCarly star after they recorded an interview that didn’t see the light of day.

Keep reading for more details on their friendship, feud rumors and more. 

Are Josh Peck and Jennette McCurdy Friends?

According to Josh, it seems like they’re not friends anymore!

“She was our first ever guest. Like the day that she released her book [I’m Glad My Mom Died], she came on and it was an amazing get for us,” the Nickelodeon alum’s “Good Guys” podcast cohost Ben Soffer said of Jennette. “We were truly good guys [and] had an unbelievable interview where we spoke about what she wanted to and nothing that she didn’t. It ended and she told us not to run it. So, there is an unreleased episode of our podcast.”

However, the podcast hosts reportedly reached back out to the author to set up another interview.

“There is a small update that happened yesterday. Us being the good guys that we are, we said we would kill it. We asked if she wanted to come back on and [we got] no response,” Josh recalled. “Four or five months later … I was, like, ‘Let us check in. She owes us.’ All I wrote to Jennette after six months was ‘Hi’ and I got a green bubble. Am I blocked? I think I might be blocked. Or she was on a 12-hour flight. Here’s hoping.”

Are Josh Peck and Jennette McCurdy Friends? Feud Rumors Explained
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Previously, it seemed like there was no bad blood between the two, especially after Josh referred to Jennette as his “friend” in a social media post when celebrating her book release in August 2022.

“I just think it’s incredibly brave. And for her to do it in a way [where] she has this beautifully biting comedic voice and this thoughtful way of expressing her journey and her pain and her challenge,” Josh also told Entertainment Tonight in August 2022 about Jennette’s book. “I just honor her in that because it takes a lot of guts. But I also know sort of the power, that when you do get vulnerable and share your story, how so many people can see themselves in it and find a little bit of a reprieve, so I’m just really proud of her.”

Why Did Jennette McCurdy Seemingly Block Josh Peck?

While the “Good Guys” podcast hosts didn’t speculate further about why Josh was blocked, Ben did reveal some details about the unreleased podcast episode.

“We actually spoke about it a little during the Jennette podcast that never aired and will never see the light of day,” Ben explained. “But at least from my understanding, Josh’s experience as a child actor were far different from what is portrayed by others.”

Jennette, for her part, has not spoken publicly about Josh’s comments thus far.

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