This may be hard to believe, but it’s been 14 years since iCarly first premiered. The fan-favorite series aired its first episode on Nickelodeon on September 8, 2007, and time has flown by.

For those who forgot, the show starred Miranda CosgroveJennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress as web star Carly, her best friends Sam and Freddie, respectively. It was all about what happened after Carly’s hilarious web show, aptly names, “iCarly,” became a total hit and turned her into an internet superstar. Over time, viewers were introduced to come secondary characters and pretty famous guest stars that brought up some romantic drama between the three best friends.

In June 2021, the show even reunited for a reboot on the Paramount+ streaming service!

“Hey, listen up, we’ve done this before and we’re gonna do it again. America’s going to be quoting our new catchphrases in no time,” Miranda said when announcing the show in a clip shared on social media in January 2021. “If anyone has any doubts, just leave it all to me. Yep … still got it.”

The new series will follow Carly, Freddie and Spencer (played by Jerry Trainor) 10 years after the original series.

iCarly was a huge part of my childhood and I have so many memories from my time making the show. I feel like I grew up alongside the viewers,” Miranda, for one told J-14 exclusively in January 2021. “My biggest hope for the revival is that it brings the people who watched the original series a lot of joy. The new show is mainly being made with all the original fans in mind. Although we hope families will enjoy it together, this version of the show will be more mature and follow our lives now.”

Between the epic laughs, pretty epic crossover episodes and even a spinoff series, iCarly was a seriously incredible show and will go down in history as one of the best. Now that there’s an official reboot happening, fans are wondering why it came to an end! Well, J-14 did some investigating, and we just uncovered the real reason why the epic Nickelodeon show aired its series finale in 2012. Scroll through our gallery to find out why iCarly really ended.

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