This may be hard to believe, but Jerry Trainor is turning 43 years old on Tuesday, January 21. The actor, who fans know and love as Spencer from iCarly, was only 29 years old when the show premiered — which means it’s been more than 12 years since the show started — and it’s pretty shocking how fast time has flown by!

Over the last 12 years, Jerry has definitely changed a lot — and we’re not just talking about his looks. Aside from going through a major glo’ up, the actor has also accomplished so much in his career. He went on to star in a ton of movies and TV shows, and get this — the actor even dove into the music industry!

We decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, he’s not the only one from the Nickelodeon series to accomplish a lot since the show ended. Scroll through our gallery to see what the rest of the iCarly cast is up to these days and to see what they look like now.

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