Hitting the books! So many celebs, like Emma Watson and Disney Channel’s Joshua Rush, made the decision to attend college after becoming famous.

The Harry Potter star, for one, started her Brown University education while she was still filming the final two movies. The Andi Mack alum made the decision to step away from the spotlight and pursue a career in politics after completing his education at the University of Utah. But Outer Banks star Julia Antonelli said she plans to continue her acting career while heading off to school.

Following her high school graduation in June 2021, the Netflix star chatted with J-14 exclusively about attending Fordham University. “Kind of crazy, kind of excited,” Julia gushed. “I’ll be in Manhattan, so that’s kind of crazy as well. I don’t know, I think I’ll enjoy living in the city. I’ll try my hardest.”

As for her studies, Julia explained that she wanted to focus on “something to do with acting, of course” and “maybe something else.” But she definitely has plans to continue her budding career while taking classes.

“I have something coming up. Can’t really talk about it yet,” the actress teased. “I will continue to act while I’m in Fordham. I’m going to try … it’ll be cool that I’m in New York City because New York City is kind of a hub area for acting.”

Julia continued, “I’m most nervous about starting over and making new friends because I’ve been with all my high school friends for so long that, I don’t know, hopefully I can make new friends.”

While former Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove also took a break from acting to attend the University of Southern California, she returned to TV with the iCarly reboot.

“I had a really hard time choosing my major. I changed it three times before I figured out something I really loved,” Miranda told J-14 exclusively in January 2021 when discussing her college experience. “I ended up majoring in Psychology which I never expected for myself. I sorta just fell into it when I took part in some experiments as extra credit for a general psychology course. I fell in love with it.”

Of course, these aren’t the only examples of celebs who decided to get their college degree. Bridgit Mendler and Dylan and Cole Sprouse are among those who attended various universities over the years. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the other celebrities who attended college after becoming famous.

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