When it comes to our favorite celebrities, sometimes all we can really see is what’s on the surface. For example, it might be obvious that they’re a great singer or actor, but when they’re not working on a new movie or a new album, what else are they doing?

We know this might come as a surprise, but some of your fave celebs actually really love to study, learn and go to school. Ciara, for example, recently announced that she is going to Harvard!

That’s right, you guys! As it turns out, some celebrities are actually super smart, and despite Lori Loughlin‘s recent scandal regarding Olivia Jade‘s college admissions, many celebs actually love the challenge that comes along with going to a reputable college. By now, you’re probably wondering which of your favorite celebrities actually attended an Ivy League, and don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Scroll through the gallery for all the stars who attended some of the best schools in the nation.

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