Jennette McCurdy has never been one to spill all the deets about her love life, but the Between actress just confirmed that she's been dating her co-star, Jesse Carere, for about a year! In a new interview with Vulture, she opened up about how this love is different from her previous relationships.

"This is maybe staking a big claim in my future self, but I would say that I certainly love him right, you know? I feel like I’m learning to love in all the right ways and to accept love for who I am versus an impressive version of myself. I think from an early age I learned to be whatever person people needed me to be," she said.

The last we heard, she was still bashing her ex-boyfriend, Andre Drummond, so we're happy to know that she's found love. He plays her love interest on their Netflix show, so this is pretty cute!


Are you surprised she's dating her co-star? Do they make a cute couple? Let us know in the comments!

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