It’s always wild when finding out that a super famous star was low-key in one of your fave shows back in the day, but this one takes the cake. iCarly had a lot of cool stars in it throughout its run on Nickelodeon, but one particular actress goes almost unnoticed. Who is it, you ask? It’s someone you’d never guess in a million years – it is actress and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.

Before evolving into one of the most popular models on earth, Emily played Gibby’s girlfriend named Tasha in iCarly. Yes, you heard that correctly – Gibby. Now if you’re not familiar with the show, let us just tell you how truly one-of-a-kind Gibby was. As a free spirit with incredibly bizarre ways, Noah Munck‘s oddball character was seriously iconic. Who would’ve thought such a goofy kid had a bombshell supermodel girlfriend back in the day?!

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