Who knew that Gibby’s girlfriend from iCarly would be one of the most notable names in Hollywood?! It’s always wild to find out that a major star was low-key on Nickelodeon, and Emily Ratajkowski is no different. The model made headlines for her rumored romance with Harry Styles, but let’s look back at her early television role.

“Did y’all know I was Tasha on iCarly?” the My Body author shared via TikTok in February 2023. “I was 16 or 17 and took two weeks off school to shoot two episodes. I met Jennette McCurdy and her mom.”

The actress captioned her TikTok video, “Tasha forever,” and referred to Noah Munck‘s character Gibby as her “first love.” Overall, Emily said she’s “proud to be Tasha forever.”

Keep reading for everything to know about Emily. 

Who Is Emily Ratajkowski?

Not only is she a model and author, but the A-lister also got her start as an actress. Other than her past Nickelodeon role, Emily has made appearances in Entourage, Gone Girl, We Are Your Friends, I Feel Pretty and more.

Over the years, she’s opened up about her experience changing careers throughout her time in the spotlight.

Remember Gibby's Girlfriend on 'iCarly'? Emily Ratajkowski's Role
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“There have been so many times in my career where I have thought about changing career paths or giving up,” Emily told Harper’s Bazaar in January 2022. “I stopped totally modelling when I went to college and I thought I was going to become an artist, and then I left and started modelling full time and then I sort of dabbled in acting … I feel like I am constantly evolving.”

She added, “I think the biggest obstacle of my career has been transitioning and doing things that people didn’t really expect. But I think you just have to forge ahead and do what you’re going to do and be who you are.”

What Episodes of ‘iCarly’ Was Emily Ratajkowski on?

Fans can watch Emily in two episodes of iCarly titled “iSpeed Date” and “iEnrage Gibby.”

Would Emily Ratajkowski Return In ‘iCarly’ Reboot?

The iCarly cast themselves recalled what it was like working with Emily during an interview with E! News in May 2023.

“It was just hilarious,” Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer in the original Nickelodeon series and the Paramount+ reboot, recalled. “Her and Gibby, we would all just be like, ‘Wait you two … together. .. what? How is this even working?'”

“I heard she wants to come back on the show,” Jerry noted. “That’s what I heard!”

He’s not wrong — back in March 2023, the supermodel told Buzzfeed that she’d “definitely” be down to step into the shoes of Tasha once again if the opportunity presented itself.

Is Emily Ratajkowski Single?

In March 2023, the model made headlines after she kissed “Watermelon Sugar” singer Harry in a now-viral video obtained by the Daily Mail at the time. While neither of them have spoken publicly about the rumors, fans are wondering if they’re friends or something more.

Previously, Emily was married to Sebastian Bear-McClard from February 2018 until August 2022. Following their breakup, she was linked to comedians Eric André and Pete Davidson.

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