When it come to casts of our fave tv shows, iCarly stars are at the top of our list. Even though the show wrapped back in 2012, iCarly still remains to be a Nickelodeon staple that never gets old. Thank God for re-runs, right?! Carly, Sam and Freddie’s antics are seriously timeless and will never stop being hilarious. But what if we told you there are low-key tons of other famous stars that appeared in the show in addition to the regular cast – think Emily Ratajkowski playing Gibby’s girlfriend. Nope, we’re not kidding.

The famous supermodel wasn’t the only famous star who appeared in the show though. No, no – there were many more. From the boys of One Direction to Academy Award winner Emma Stone, tons of Hollywood’s hottest celebs had starred in iCarly – and their epic appearances should not be overlooked.

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