If there’s one thing fans can count on Billie Lourd for, it’s to always have some witty captions to all her social media posts. Yes, that even includes the ones paying tribute to her mother, the legendary actress Carrie Fisher. Over the weekend, the former Scream Queens star decided to do just that to commemorate her late mother's 61st birthday by sharing not just one, but two very incredible and special tribute posts.

The first came via an adorable throwback picture on Instagram where they both seem to be wearing matching pajamas. The actress captioned the picture by strictly only using emojis that wrote out, “happy birthday momby.” We just have to say, Billie looks almost exactly like her mom in the shared snap. It's almost too cute for words.

A second tribute came in a much more permanent way. Later on, the starlet took to Instagram once more to share the tattoo she got done – which pays tribute to one of the most important people in her life. It’s a beautiful design of the moon and stars done by Doctor Woo, who has also inked tons of other celebs. The most touching part of this tattoo, is that it’s similar to the one her mother had on her ankle. It features similar designs, which Billie alluded to by posting a picture of each. She captioned the post, “?✨?✨? @drwoo_.”

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🖤✨🌙✨🖤 @_dr_woo_

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Honestly, it’s hard not to shed at tear at either of the posts. Aside from being incredibly touching, they’re also the perfect way to keep her mother’s memory alive and close to her. The tattoo is absolutely beautiful, and does look so much like Carrie’s while being all her own. It goes without saying that both her mother and grandmother must be beaming with pride at how strong and resilient the actress is.

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