Bright wall color? Check! Better organization? Check! Trendy gallery wall? Check! Comfy and cute bedding? Check! Yep, thanks to Remodo and J-14 Decorate, Brec Bassinger has a brand new bedroom style that’s all her own.

“I absolutely love my new room!” she exclaims. “I can’t wait for all of my friends to see it!” So how did it all come together?

First, J-14 Decorate called up our friends at Remodo, an N.Y.C.-based company that allows shoppers to pick a theme from their super helpful boxed bedroom and gallery sets. Brec checked out their site and selected the Bon Appetit Seven and Haute Couture Three sets for her walls and the Refine Twin Boxed Room bedroom set.

“I loved how easy the whole process was,” Brec shares with J-14 Decorate. “The fact that a simple box can redo your room is so fun and exciting. I love how it all came together!” Us too!

Before Remodo combined Brec’s existing furniture pieces with their Boxed Room items, her room was pretty boring. “It didn’t have much color,” Brec admits of her old space. So J-14 Decorate and Brec chose the perfect shade of lavender to paint the walls. The end result? Totally amazing.

Check out Brec's room makeover below!

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