Drama, drama, drama. Team 10 members Chance Sutton and Tessa Brooks called it quits on their romantic relationship a couple of weeks ago but that hasn't stopped someone from trying to expose their secrets. The duo chalked up the split to just wanting to be friends, saying that they were better off as pals who work together, live together and vlog together. They said there were no hard feelings and they were still besties. Aw, cute! But, no. Apparently, that's not the full story.

Fans are claiming that Chance allegedly cheated on Tessa and they've got screenshots to prove it. Before we dive into this, everyone must remember that you can't believe everything you see. Sometimes, things can be photoshopped to make it seem like – in this case – Chance said something or wrote something that he really did not.

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However, the evidence against the story is mounting because there was also photos leaked of him with another girl in his Snapchat memories. Again, there's no date for these photos so they could have been taken before or after Chance and Tessa became Chessa. So, let's get to the good stuff. What was exactly said? Well, there's a video floating around of alleged messages between Chance and someone named Nicolette that do have a date – July 25th.

In the video, Chance allegedly wrote, "I miss hangin with you & your fam tbh."

Nicolette replied, "It was definitely a fun time! Well before you went all la on us lol…and maybe some other things before that."

Chance responded, "I know I messed up a lot of things & I'm really sorry like I'm just happy that you reply to me still…That not nearly enough of an apology and I'm really bad at these but I still care about you I just wanted you to know. ?"

And then there were photos of him getting cozy with a girl later on in the same video. We're not exactly sure if this is Nicolette but it's clearly someone he likes canoodling with.

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chance 1

This looks like Nicolette is a girl from Chance's past, but if he was with Tessa at the time this conversation took place then that's so not okay. There are no details about who this girl is or where she is from but obviously she and Chance still have feelings for each other – allegedly. Again, we must reiterate that sometimes the Internet has a way of playing tricks on us and these could be Photoshopped images. However, Chance and Tessa announced their break up at the beginning of August.

IF these messages are real and are actually from the end of July, it's possible that Tessa saw them and pulled the plug on the relationship. Tessa nor Chance have commented on the possible leak.

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