It’s been almost a full year since Charlie Puth took the stage and he’s officially ready to hit the road, once again. Since his rise to fame, the 27-year-old has been busy spending time in the studio, on the road and everything in between. After finishing up his Voicenotes tour back in November 2018, he took a much-needed break from live shows and, now, we know why.

Whether it’s in a song or in real life, Charlie is known for never holding back and this time was no different. On October 25, 2019, the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” crooner appeared on popular U.K. talk show, Lorraine. While on air, Charlie got real about a super difficult time during the early days of his career when performing three headlining tours during a two year period almost killed him.

“I almost died twice, like literally,” he said. “It was really tough. I kept getting sick. I was sick for like a year with a cold and I just wasn’t taking care of myself.”

But that’s not all! He even shocked fans and followers by revealing that in 2018 he underwent a nasal surgery to improve his singing voice.

“I had nasal surgery to correct my septum, and nobody knows I had surgery. I can sing better now. I was never gonna tell anybody, but I can tell people,” Charlie said.

Now, the singer is kicking off this new era of music. Since August, he collaborated with Australian boyband 5 Seconds of Summer on an epic remix of their song “Easier” and released three new singles called, “I Warned Myself,” “Mother,” and “Cheating On You.”

After looking back on this tough time, Charlie assured fans that his next tour will be totally different.

“Now I know how to tour,” he said. “I’ve figured it out. It took four years but…the fans make it all worth it.” We can’t wait to see him kill it on stage next year!

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