Musicians are known for opening up about their personal lives in their songs, but Charlie Puth decided to share some very personal and unusual tidbits about himself on social media.

The “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” singer sent out a series of confessions on Twitter, and needless to say we’re a little confused about what they mean and the reason behind them.

Was this a way for Charlie to open up with his fans? To show them a side that hasn’t necessarily been seen in the public eye before? Or could these revelations also mean that the singer is channeling some severe honesty on a new album or song he’s working on?

Although we’re not exactly sure, the tweets do speak for themselves.

The first confession the singer sent out reads, “Confession: I'm a huge nerd and spent most of my 7th and 8th grade learning how to write code for video games.”

The second tweet says, “Confession: Philip DeFranco and Dave Days inspired me to make my YouTube channel.”

The third confession reads, “Confession: I get really afraid of falling asleep around people.”

Charlie admits in the fourth confession, “Confession: I broke up with my first ever girlfriend on a Post It note in English class in 6th grade.”

The final and slightly humorous confession reads, “Confession: I once watched The Ring and couldn't close my eyes while shampooing my hair in the shower for 6 months.”

Charlie did choose an interesting and pretty funny way to end his honesty hour on. After all, who wasn’t scared just a little bit after seeing The Ring for the first time?

All of these confessions do vary in topic, so this could all just be about the “One Call Away,” singer searching for a way to connect with his fans and give them some better insight as to who Charlie Puth really is.

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