Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara are happily in love right now, but that doesn't mean she didn't kiss a few frogs until she found her prince.

Remember when Charlie Puth and Meghan smooched on stage in front an entire audience while performing their hit song together? We sure do! After that, fans speculated that there was something romantic going on between the two; however, they insisted they were just friends. Now, fans are back at it.

Charlie tweeted:

And THIS is what really got everyone's feathers ruffled because they think he's talking about Meghan! Of course, this probably isn't true, but we've dug up some reactions to this tweet from the fans and they are seriously convinced that Charlie just can't stop thinking about Meghan's lips.

charlie tweet 1

charlie tweet 2

charlie tweet 3

LOL…okay so let's clear up some rumors here. This probably isn't about Meghan! These lyrics most likely come from the song, "Kiss of Life" by the artist Sade. There's no telling if Charlie was thinking of a girl when he wrote the lyrics out on social media, but they definitely aren't his own words! TBH…he could just like the lyrics – simple as that.

Did you think this was about Meghan? Let us know in the comments below!

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