Can you believe Meghan Trainor‘s first song was all the way back in 2014 with “All That Bass”?! The singer-songwriter has come so far: breaking her own music records, starting a family and now, taking over all of TikTok. Keep reading to see Meghan’s complete transformation over the years.

Following her 2014 hit, which reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold 11 million copies worldwide, Meghan ascended into stardom. She’s released five studio album and has received various accolades, such as the 2016 Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

She married Daryl Sabara, best known for his role in the Disney Channel franchise Spy Kids, in 2018, and they have one adorable son together named Riley Sabara.

Meghan dropped her fifth album Takin’ It Back in October 2022, which was a return to her original sound after straying for a few years, trying for a diva-esque sound complete with rap features and intense beats. In Takin’ It Back, the songwriter reunites to the genre that made her who she was in the first place: a sort of do-wop pop, a fun and catchy sound that’s easy to listen to.

“I stopped chasing radio and what I thought people wanted to hear and just wrote what I enjoyed,” she told Rolling Stone in October 2022. “I put my heart into each song. Sometimes my sad, broken heart and sometimes my happy, confident heart.”

Not only was she successful in returning to her roots with her music, she was equally successful in popularity. One track off the album, “Made You Look,” has broken all her previous Billboard records while also taking over TikTok for months following its viral dance trend. Not only that, her friendship with TikTok star Chris Olsen is one of the most iconic (and heartwarming) friendships on the entire platform.

Now, with three albums under her belt, Meghan is looking forward to the future. “I need to make three babies A$AP Rocky,” she laughed. “But also, my dream is to write a book about pregnancy, and eventually have my own TV show like Kelly Clarkson. She’s my idol.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Meghan’s transformation over the years.

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