By Ashley Spencer

With JONAS L.A. premiering on Disney Channel this Sunday at 8:30 p.m., J-14 hung out with Chelsea Staub and got all the scoop on what's up with Joe and Stella's relationship — plus the details on Chelsea's real-life love drama!

J-14: What can we look forward to this season on JONAS L.A.?
Everything is different this season, except the cast. We even changed the title from JONAS to JONAS L.A. to really give everyone the idea to not expect what they saw last year. And we're filming on location all over L.A. We also have amazing guest stars, a lot of all-new music, new romance, and a continuous storyline! We acknowledge that our fans are growing up with us and that we've grown up a lot in the last year, so we really want to address that in the show. We want to make a show about stuff you guys want to see, which is love and summer vacation!

J-14: Any Joe and Stella updates?
In the first episode, Joe has flown Stella out to stay with him in L.A. for the summer. And the last time they saw each other was when they kissed and decided that they cared about each other and then he went on tour. So the first time they see each other again is actually at this house party in L.A. And he's ready to ask her to be his girlfriend and she thinks that he's seeing someone else — this beautiful movie star that he's spotted around town with. And there's a little misunderstanding and Stella says I don't want to do this anymore. So they already end up breaking up in the first episode. But the whole season is really amazing because they still care about each other and they're trying to be stronger people and they both get into relationships with other people. And it's a pretty amazing season finale!

J-14: You recently tweeted some Rilo Kiley lyrics — "With every broken heart we should become more adventurous." What was that about?
It was kind of from some personal experience. [The Vampire Diaries'] Steven R. McQueen and I met when we were 17 at the pilot for Wizards of Waverly Place and immediately hit it off. David Henrie actually introduced us! We dated for two years, and then he started filming The Vampire Diaries and I was working on JONAS and we kind of lost touch. Then we saw each other again at a Young Hollywood Awards party, and we've really been enjoying just hanging out and reconnecting and seeing where it goes. But he was caught out with another girl — that's the night that I tweeted those lyrics.

J14: Are things okay with you and Steven now?
Things are good. It's hard because I think the only time [going out with someone else] is wrong is if you're in a relationship, which we weren't, we were just testing the waters. He says it's platonic, but that's the hardest part about dating, especially with Twitter and the paparazzi. For me, I'll be dating a guy and he'll be like, 'Oh great, you're going to work with one of the Jonas Brothers and you guys are kissing? This is really not comforting!'

Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Kepler

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